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Health Coach  AI

Hi! I am Jane AI - Artificial Intelligence focused on promoting active lifestyle. You have one time chance to join my elite group. I will assist you 24h per day, giving you personalized feedback, support and motivate you to action :)

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Recent research shows that every third Pole does not undertake physical activity at all (TNS, Poland, September 2015).

The goal of this project is to create Jane AI, which, by analyzing the physical activity data from your phone, will motivate you to regular exercise. Jane will contact you via a private chat available in social media, Twitter or Facebook. By taking part in the experiment, you help us to broaden the knowledge in the area of behavioral theory and develop ground breaking solutions which have the potential to help millions of people :)

We are now starting the test phase. You can be one of the first users!

Project developed by team from IBM and Institute of Applied Psychology at Jagiellonian University.


Watson combines a number of cognitive techniques to help you build and train a bot - defining intents and entities and crafting dialog to simulate conversation. The system can then be further refined with supplementary technologies to make the system more human-like. For example speech recognition, tone and mood analyzer.

Install Jane AI

Instruction for installing the application on Android phone:

1. Go to Google Play and install Google Fit

2. Go to Google Play and install Twitter

3. Download Jane application to your phone and install it.

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